Mayfest Radio – Open Call

Posted on March 31, 2016

Mayfest Radio is an 11-day radio station, as part of Mayfest 2016. Inspired by Radiolab, This American Life, Resonance FM and pirate radio, it’s a place for audiences and artists to delve deeper into the themes and ideas within the festival programme. It’s a place for artists to play with radio, and to connect with new audiences from around the world.

Last year, our Radio reached over 45 different cities around the world, connecting as far afield as Odessa, Antigua and Barbuda, Medan and Bergen.. This year we will be broadcasting 24/7 from the 12th – 22nd May.

Our programme is a mix of interviews, music, sound art, radio art, reports from the festival and one-off feature shows.  This year, we’re opening the schedule up to include a strand of  audio pieces that respond directly or abstractly to  the festival programme. We want you to have a rummage around this year’s shows and think about the themes that emerge, or you might find a show that chimes more broadly with you and your work. Pick up a brochure, saunter through the website. Find something that stands out for you. You can see the whole progamme here.

We’re looking for sound pieces, sound diaries, noise core, whatever piques our interest, but we can’t have anything with extended periods of silence in it.

We want to hear from artists who want a new platform for their work to be transmitted to new audiences and as such, these works should be pieces that are already in existence.

Submission Criteria

Works should be:

·       No longer than an hour. We advise anything from 10 minutes up to around an hour. We can’t broadcast anything over an hour in length.

·       Original work

·      Pieces that explore sound and performance in some way

Work can be:

·       Words

·       Experimental music

·       Field recordings

·       A conversation or conversations

·       An interview

·       None of the above

·       All of the above

·       A mini documentary

·       Something that doesn’t have a name yet

What it can’t be

·       Something that requires people needing to be in a specific place or environment               

What you get

·       A platform for the piece to be regularly broadcast , as part of the Mayfest Radio programme

·       Hosting on our Mixcloud, Soundcloud and iTunes pages

What we need from you

A 150 word biography of you and / or the people who created the piece.

A 300 word description of the piece you are submitting and what theme or show it is responding to.

A link to somewhere online that we can listen to the piece – please only send one link and do not send us a link to a page of different sound files or send us whole sound files by email or other route.


To hear more about Mayfest Radio, follow us on Twitter / Mixcloud / Spotify / Soundcloud

If successful, you’ll need to deliver the piece to us by no later than the 7th of May 2016.


Deadlines and other info

The deadline for applications is 9am on the 25thth of April, 2016. If you are successful, you will be informed by the 2nd of May.

Please email all applications to the with “Mayfest Radio Open Submission Application” in the subject header.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any other questions.