Meet Selina Thompson

Posted on April 11, 2016

Sat 23 Apr, 2pm-8pm 
Trinity Centre 

“How can you write about lives you have never lived. Spaces you have never visited.”


Immersion is key for critically acclaimed artist and performer Selina Thompson. She has worked with hairdressers and spent time with job centre employees and service users in order to create shows that are intimate, playful – she’s worn a dress made out of cake – and deceptively poignant.

For her latest show salt., Selina has undertaken an intensive tour of the UK, talking to old friends, hairdressers, academics, teenagers, artists, her nan, granddad & god-daughter before boarding a working cargo vessel, retracing the ancestral voyage from England to Ghana to Jamaica in a quest to connect past and present Black experience.

She has returned with rich ideas for her new show but is missing one crucial ingredient. You.

She needs to know what it’s like to be Black in Bristol. She needs our help. Meet Selina, listen to her tales of travel, and share your experiences at an informal afternoon gathering at the Trinity Centre. Music and buffet provided.

Selina’s show salt. will be performed at the Arnolfini as part of Mayfest on the 12th, 13th, 18th & 19th May. Tickets available here.

salt. is co-commissioned by Theatre Bristol, MAYK and Yorkshire Festival.