Get Involved


We’re always looking to expand our team of casual volunteers who assist with everything from flyering and stewarding, to helping out in the office and even sometimes appearing as extras in our shows! If you’re interested in giving us some of your time to help make Mayfest happen, email Amanda Fawcett with your name, contact details and how you think you can help us out.

Working with us

Please note that we do not accept speculative approaches for freelance work. We advertise all paid and voluntary positions on this website.


Some helpful FAQs about how we programme:

How do you make your decisions?

On the whole our programme is curated through conversations with artists and producers whose work we have seen and are inspired by. The majority of work we present next year will be by direct invitation by us, and where we are hosting a premiere it will be with an artist(s) with whom we are developing a long-term collaboration.

Well then how can I get my work in to the Mayfest programme if you haven’t seen it?

We are always interested to hear from adventurous theatre makers whose work we are not yet familiar with. By all means invite us to your shows and let us know what you’re up to. It’s a priority of ours to make sure we see as much new work as we’re able to.

If I write to you, will I get a response?

We are a small team, and receive a lot of emails. We will always endeavour to get back to you in some way, but if this takes a while then please just bear with us. If you haven’t heard anything after a few weeks, then by all means give us a poke.

 If I want to tell you about a show or a project, what should I send?

It’s best to send as much information as possible. Written information about the show (this can be links to websites), DVDs and most importantly any future performance dates.  

What kind of work are you interested in?

Our tagline is ‘adventurous theatre for playful people’. We deliberately try not to be overly prescriptive about what kind of theatre we do or don’t favour, but it’s true to say that we enjoy live performance that has a genuine encounter with its audience, that is playful in form, and physically and visually dextrous. We tend to programme work which is primarily devised, but that’s not to say that we don’t welcome approaches from script-based projects that are experimenting with form in some way. We’re interested in seeing new ways of telling stories, and we don’t think stories have to make sense. Have a look at our previous programmes to get a feeling for what we do.

Is it just artists in the South West?

No. The programme is made up of work from artists locally, nationally and internationally.

What are your programming deadlines?

We programme throughout the year, but our programming deadlines are the end of January before each festival.

Image: A Folded Path, circumstance, Mayfest 2015. Paul Blakemore.