Three horrendously screaming clowns.


After wowing audiences at Mayfest 2010 with Electric Hotel, Frauke Requardt brings us Episode. This finely tuned choreography draws upon our desire for safety and clarity and takes the audience on an unusual and darkly atmospheric journey, exploring the highs and lows of humanity.

Requardt brings together three exceptional dancers, Valentina Formenti, Inn Pang Ooi and Eva Recacha Garcia, together with a team of collaborators that are amongst the most risk-taking currently working in theatre. Hannah Clark’s intriguingly fantastical designs are matched by uncanny lighting from Chahine Yavroyan, featuring live piano by Niko Meinhold, an immersive, eerie soundtrack by the Ringham brothers, and Andrew Plummer’s deep, deep voice.

Co-Presented by Arnolfini and Mayfest

Episode is simultaneously one of the most controlled and most violently bizarre dance events I’ve reviewed in a long time. **** THE GUARDIAN

Commissioned by The Place with support from Arts Council England, European Dancehouse Network through moduldance, Dance Ireland, Ireland, Danshuis StationZuid, The Netherlands, Moving East, London and Greenwich Dance, Coln Trust, The Jerwood Charitable Trust. Frauke Requardt is a Work Place Artist and Associate Artist at Greenwich Dance.

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2pm and 7.30pm
£13 / £11
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