The Haircut Before The Party

Radical barber collective The Haircut Before The Party (THBTP) will be visiting Mayfest for a one-off revolutionary hair salon with Dr Claire Shaw of Bristol University. From 5.30pm you are invited to help shape and (de)construct the revolutionary identities of the past and present.

Claire will help us explore who the New Soviet Man was while THBTP style and transform both her hair and these questions into future subjectivities of today. Expect radical readings and banter about beards.

The Haircut Before the Party are taking a line of flight across Europe, setting up temporary salon structures, amidst political and economic crises, to discover the meanings of revolution today. Throughout 2012 they will be setting up temporary salons that act as meeting places, sites of exchange and social environments in which people are invited to receive haircuts for free and discuss political issues in a space that encourages immediate solidarities and trust.

Claire Shaw is a lecturer and researcher in Russian history at Bristol University. Her work looks at the construction of individual and collective identities during the Soviet era, focusing in particular on how Soviet people engaged with the revolutionary ‘project’ to create a utopian society. She is currently writing a book, ‘Deaf in the USSR’, which examines the history of the deaf community in the Soviet Union. Alongside her research into identity politics, she is also interested in the development of leisure activity and underground fashion trends in Soviet and post-Soviet Russia.

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