97 Years

97 Years

Jo Hellier

In an overgrown orchard we are seeking clarity. As age destroys its history we cling to suspended apples – our only link to a decaying memory.

In this interactive installation, one performer delicately works through a series of conversations between her and her Grandfather. Live audio and video manipulation creates a complex, beautifully composed environment that explores the joys and sorrows, the tenderness and the violence of ageing.

Jo Hellier is a Bristol based artist. She uses installation, sound, video and performance to create intimate environments that she and the audience can engage with. Her work takes a surreal stance to examine humanity and the everyday. In developing 97 Years, Jo has worked closely with Yas Clarke, an artist and composer working with computers to develop new ways for audiences to interact with art.

Hellier’s gentle presence irresistibly invites engagement, while our physical connection to the piece through the strings – an almost umbilical link to the artwork – creates an immediate investment in it. We are the ones holding the piece, in the sense of both cradling and suspending it.

Exeunt Magazine

Funded by Arts Council England. Part of the SPILL National Platform 2012 and SPILL Showcase 2013.

15:00, 16:00, 17:00
Running Time
45 mins
Box Office Number
0117 9735129
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