All That is Wrong

Ontroerend Goed

Ontroerend Goed, Laika and Richard Jordan Productions Ltd and Drum Theatre Plymouth.

In Once and For All…she burned Barbie dolls. In Teenage Riot she saw adults as caged animals. Koba Ryckewaert is now 18 and knows things are wrong in the world. She just needs to get a grip on them. She’s better at writing than talking, so she draws.

What can she do to resolve things? Neither everything, nor nothing. And she will face it all alone. She will make choices, only to stick to them.

From the Fringe First award-winning team behind Once and For All We’re Gonna Tell You Who We Are So Shut Up and Listen and Teenage Riot comes the third part in their trilogy about growing up.

A living demonstration of how the act of writing, creating and describing can offer some sense of meaning; even in the most terrifying times.

The Scotsman *****

Measured, controlled and helpless, Ontroerend Goed succeed in producing something that gets beneath your skin and eats away at your untapped despair towards the world.

A Younger Theatre ****

 This Belgium-based theatrical powerhouse is exploring new and considerably inventive ways of engaging with audiences.

The Guardian

Ontroerend Goed’s shows are not for the faint-hearted. The Belgian company exists to push boundaries; theatrical, moral, ethical.

Daily Telegraph

Ontroerend Goed is a theatre performance group, working worldwide in co-production with award-winning UK producer Richard Jordan, creating intimate, individual performances as well as larger-scale theatre plays. Following this double track, they give themselves the freedom to explore the boundaries and codes of performing arts and to open up theatre to the variable expectations and tastes of a wide and diverse audience. The company originated in a poets’ collective that aimed at heightening the communicative power of poetry. Nowadays, they continue to write their own texts and to develop new basic concepts in a search to create both artistically relevant and accessible shows.

By Alexander Devriendt, Joeri Smet & Koba Ryckewaert
Design by Sophie De Somere & Peter De Bie
Dramaturgy by Joeri Smet & Jo Roets
Cast: Koba Ryckewaert, Zach Hatch

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Running Time
65 mins
Age Guidance
Box Office Number
+44 (0)117 917 2300
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