Mayfest At The Wardrobe Theatre


Tucked up in the intimate Wardrobe Theatre, this is your chance to be entertained by inspiring new theatre talent for just a fiver. Every night is different, all the work is brand new, and you can drink beer while you’re watching. Bonus! We launched our collaboration with the Wardrobe Theatre in 2012, and it was such a success we’ve decided to bring it back.

The 100m Sprint – Tumbling Hat Theatre.


Monday 20 May

Exploring the childhood memories of three sporting elites. What makes them strive to succeed? What pitfalls and humiliations have challenged them along the way?

Echo Beach – Hannah Sullivan
Our Dads – Stephen Voake and Troy Orchard


Tuesday 21 May

Echo Beach – A solo performance celebrating the unique and exposing nature of dancing.
Our Dads – Shared stories of childhood and fatherhood

Maskboy – James Wheale


Wednesday 22 May

An autobiographical story of time machines, magical African masks and ‘devil suits’ from multi-poetry and spoken-word slam champion James Wheale

Wealth’s Last Caprice – Chris. Dugrenier
If Things Don’t Change – Amy Louise Webber


Thursday 23 May

Wealth’s Last Caprice – A sensitive and funny reflection on what we value.
If Things Don’t Change – Transformation, growing older and new shoes.

There May Be Explosions


Friday 24 May

Written by Carrie Rhys-Davies
Performed by Jessica Macdonald
Directed by Caroline Hunt
Score by Jennifer Bell

It’s New Year’s Day, it’s dusk, and you’re walking home from the station along the river. That’s when you see him – a man, ahead of you on the pavement, clapping.

Who is he? Why is he clapping? And will you ever make it home?

Part mystery, part fantasy, part fairytale, this one-woman storytelling performance takes you on a journey home, via a night out with the world’s favourite thriller writer, Tom Clancy, and a trip around the world with a man with a rather unusual vocation. It’s a warm and funny sideways look at how we make sense of our experiences in a world that’s vast and ever-changing.

The Wardrobe Theatre
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