Extended playthecube… with Heatsick

Mayfest Closing Party

The Cube as never seen before…

One man and his Casiotone keyboard reimagine the Microplex as a multi-sensual party sphere. Berlin-based musician and sculptor Steven Warwick aka Heatsick channels the ecstatic highs of house music into a prolonged, hypnotic dancefloor odyssey, in the latest configuration of his ever-evolving Extended Play… project, that has previously graced Unsound Festival and Berlin’s Berghain.

Tonight he inhabits all corners of the building to dream up a living, breathing, dancing installation that unfolds over the whole night, taking in sexual politics, panned-out disco, perfume and gaffer tape. Smells will diffuse, spaces will be unlocked, texts will be displayed and maybe read…and trances will be entered.

Combining a palette of sources from early Chicago house mixtapes (in sound, texture AND mixing technique) through to musique concrète and psychedelia, Heatsick proposes a live dance music that expands and unlocks the senses, using limited resources to produce an immersive, maximalist sound environment. Using a solitary Casio keyboard and a myriad of effects, Warwick’s music is created in real time based upon loops that are moulded, stretched and reduced to interlink, nestling and merging with one another in a similar way to his visual artwork, where objects and media combine and coalesce in an environment inviting the viewer’s participation.

This is dance music through and through, albeit probably unlike any you’ve heard before

The Quietus

As overwhelming as any dancefloor experience you can imagine

The Wire

Part of the playthecube residency series brought to you by Qu Junktions and The Cube.

20:00 Till late.
£4 advance, £5 on the door
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