Wild Thing I love You

Ella Good and Nicki Kent

‘…My friends here are from England, and they were wondering about Bigfoot, if you had any like Bigfoot stories, experiences, anything like that…?’

In September 2011, we took a trip across America to see what is out there. We’d like to tell you about it.

Our curiosity born of:
i. Evolution and issues of where we come from.
ii. Our own being made up of myths and legends.
iii. Desire to know the other/know of the other.
iv. The unknown.

Ella Good and Nicki Kent present a new performance that examines their own experiences of searching for a legendary mythical creature in rural America. Using extracts of recorded conversation from people we met on the way, film, animation and live performance, we cross into a world where the wild and unknown can exist. An exploration of the things we cannot see, the spaces they might exist in, and our desire to believe.

Ella Good and Nicki Kent are Bristol based artists who collaborate to make live performance. They are members of Residence.

Developed with support from Bristol Ferment, and Arts Council England.

This is an intimate performance for a limited audience.

 You can book this show as part of our 4-for-3 offer.

Extra Information & Links

Wild Thing, Who Are You

Ella & Nicki’s website

Some rather amazing Bigfoot footage


Centrespace Gallery
18:30 & 20:00
£10/ £7
Running Time
60 mins
Box Office Number
0117 987 7877
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