Zilla: Parts 2 & 3

Andy Field

Zilla is a three-part disaster movie for the stage. A story of heroism and tragedy told with lego figures, dinosaur slippers, microphones, business cards and google street view. Each part can be watched separately or experienced as a single piece spanning multiple evenings and multiple locations.

By turns funny, sad, hypnotic and ridiculous, Zilla is an epic attempt to look from a different perspective at the cities we live in and the cities we dream of.

Zilla: Parts 2 & 3 follow Zilla: Part 1 which will take place at Unit 15 on May 18th.

Part 2 is the story of one person’s journey through this imagined Hollywood disaster as it might unfold in the city in which the show is presented. A duet for one voice and google street view, we listen and watch as this lone figure makes her way through the city, weaving images of almost cartoonish disaster through the quietly familiar streets of Bristol.As we walk with her on her imagined journey past abandoned high street shops and the flooded remains of renovated dockside apartments, the piece becomes a contemplation of our relationship to Bristol and the people that live here. An exploration of what makes a city a city. A story about the almost unnoticed details of urban life told by imagining a disaster so preposterous it would obliterate all of them.

Part 3 brings the disaster to the streets of Bristol and takes the form of a game, which the audience play by themselves. What began as an abstract Hollywood disaster, gazed down on from above, has now become very personal. With each card the streets are transformed, a map of imagined catastrophes and tiny moments of hope and redemption.

You can book this show as part of our weekend pass, or as part of our 4-for-3 offer.

The Brewery Theatre
Parts 2 & 3: £10/£7, All 3 parts: £12/£8
Running Time
50 mins
Box Office Number
+44 (0)117 987 7877
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