Zilla: Part 1

Andy Field

Zilla is a three-part disaster movie for the stage. A story of heroism and tragedy told with lego figures, dinosaur slippers, microphones, business cards and google street view. Each part can be watched separately or experienced as a single piece spanning multiple evenings and multiple locations.

By turns funny, sad, hypnotic and ridiculous, Zilla is an epic attempt to look from a different perspective at the cities we live in and the cities we dream of.

Part 1 is an installation and performance, taking place in Unit 15. Arranged on the floor are hundreds of Lego figures lined up in neat rows. The audience is free to move around the space, reading the character descriptions which accompany each of these tiny figures and are drawn from the familiar character types of disaster movies and the more mundane world of our own urban environment. Each audience member will pick one of these characters to take with them to the performance part of the evening. In this latter part of the show, the audience will watch from above as disaster ensues.

Zilla Part 1 will be followed by Zilla Part 2, which will take place at The Brewery Theatre on May 19th.

Performed by Ira Brand.

A strikingly simple but wonderful piece.

A Younger Theatre

 Tiny yet epic; a homespun disaster flick and a poignant elegy to cities.

Dumbshow Theatre.

You can book this show as part of our weekend pass, or as part of our 4-for-3 offer. 

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A History of the Disaster Movie


Unit 15
Part 1: £10/£7, All 3 parts: £12/£8
Running Time
90 mins
Box Office Number
+44 (0)117 987 7877
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