AtomKraft (work in progress)

Greg McLaren

People of Bristol! Your beautiful city has been chosen as the beneficiary of a new type of socio-industrial experiment.

With rumours that the proposed new nuclear builds at Hinckley and Oldbury will never rise from the mud, we at AtomKraft propose clean energy and mass employment:

The Icon for Bristol.  There will be nothing but benefits from a nuclear powered world class culture venue which includes olympic sports facilities, enviable retail centre, and property, descending from a glorious penthouse down to affordable housing for all.

Power is created by people and so you are invited to a public consultation on 17th and 18th May.  It will be chaired by the artist Greg McLaren who has been commissioned to design and lead the project.

Present will be pro and anti nuclear workers from this region’s proud nuclear history.

Look for the black pyramid marketing centre in the busy parts of town on 10th 11th may for more information.

ATOMKRAFT is a work in progress performance that continues to explore the many layers of power production and distribution in our world.  Supported by Arts Council England.






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Greg makes theatre, performance, live art and many things in between. He has worked as an actor, and recently has been working as a Staff Director at English National Opera. Greg was the founder and Artistic Director of Stoke Newington International Airport, a building based arts collective from 2008- April 2013.

Light Studio, Arnolfini
Start Date
May 17, 2014
End Date
May 18, 2014
Saturday 6.30pm, Sunday 4pm
Running Time
60 mins
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