Mayfest at The Wardrobe – What Elsie Knows

Bella Fortune

Knowledge is power yet ignorance is bliss.

What happens when this contradiction is pushed too far within one woman?

What Elsie Knows is a solo performance, scripted as a dialogue. The performance shows the culmination of Lizzy and Elsie’s long friendship. Aided by Elsie, Lizzy reflects on what she believes is expected of her and what she expects of herself. The women tease and goad each other and debate a range of topics from appearance, to trust, to burping while preparing for a night out. Elsie’s questioning and Lizzy’s avoidance becomes more fraught as they reach the inevitability that Lizzy is trying to ignore.

And most importantly answer the vital question; just why do super heroes have alter egos?

What Elsie Knows is written, directed and performed by Bella Fortune with support from assistant director Faye Bishop. Bella Fortune is a Bristol-based poet, actor, dancer, choreographer, reviewer, singer and solo theatre maker. She is co-founder of No One’s Watching (NOW) Dance Company.

The Wardrobe
Start Date
May 19, 2014
End Date
May 20, 2014
Box Office Number
0117 902 0344
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