Josh Coates

Fri 22 & Sat 23 May

Particles is a humorous, playful one-man performance piece about apathy and retracing the decisions that create who we are.

Standing alone onstage with just a microphone, Josh tells and retells a story about a man who faces decisions that will affect how his day will turn out. With each retelling, a different path is chosen and the story expands into a glorious cacophony of love and chaos. Between each story, Josh interacts with audience members to demonstrate how their decisions can affect their worlds; from deciding their favourite rice-based dish to their involvement in the creation of the universe. With childlike glee, Particles encourages the audience to join Josh in an attempt to change the world.

“It feels light while touching on weighty subject matter and somehow, somewhere along the way, it cheerfully battles apathy with optimism” – Catherine Love, Exeunt

Josh Coates is a theatre-maker from the grey side of Bolton, England, who explores the role of the storyteller in contemporary performance. He has worked alongside Blast Theory, Daniel Bye and Belarus Free Theatre, and is a supported artist at the Royal Exchange, Manchester.


The Wardrobe Theatre
Start Date
May 22, 2015
End Date
May 23, 2015
8pm, 5pm
Box Office Number
0117 902 0344
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