The Secret Slowness of Movement

Laura Dannequin

Thu 21 May

‘These arms of mine they are burning

Burning from wanting you, these arms of mine.

They are wanting, wanting to hold you.

And if you would let them hold you,

Oh how grateful I will be’

Otis Redding

The Secret Slowness of Movement is an invitation to slow dance, or slow be.

A refuge for quiet contemplation, a dance floor for anonymous embodied slowness.


Bring a lover, friend or nemesis, or come alone.

And together let us surrender to the secret slowness.


This is The Secret Slowness of Movement’s first incarnation. It is part of Laura Dannequin’s on-going investigation into the creation of participatory dance installation work, first explored in Dance Dark Dance (Mayfest 2013).

Laura Dannequin is a French-born Bristol based artist working predominantly in & with movement. As a maker she is interested in creating work that is present, live, raw and explores bodily being in the world: the dancing body, the social body, the diseased body. She is currently touring her solo Hardy Animal and is associate director at Still House

Basically the most fun I’ve had in ages. – Dance Dark Dance participant

Invented new dance moves. Joyous. – Dance Dark Dance participant

Image Credit Dan Canham

Fyfe Hall (The Trinity Centre)
Start Date
May 21, 2015
End Date
May 21, 2015
1.00pm - 6.00pm
Running Time
Drop in at any time.
Age Guidance
All ages
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