Created and performed by Tanuja Amarasuriya and Timothy X Atack

The sounds of Bristol’s streets, wildlife, nightlife, vehicles, venues, markets, musicians and offices are looped, sieved, filtered, warped and stretched to make new, beautiful and perturbing music.

Circadial is about the rhythms and polyphony of a place; the way that sound can locate you in time and geography. Built from local field recordings made in the days and nights preceding the performances, Sleepdogs create a live, improvised, constantly shifting music. An attempt to make a congregation from the sounds of the place we’re in and to find the ghost music underneath the traffic noise, street bustle, police helicopters, and birdsong.

Drop in, and maybe stay for a while.

Circadial was first performed at Sanctum in Autumn 2015.

Please note, Circadial will be shown at The Station (accessed via The Kitchen) on Friday 20th and at The Wardrobe Theatre on Saturday 21st.

The Station (Fri)/The Wardobe Theatre (Sat)
Start Date
May 20, 2016
End Date
May 21, 2016
3-5pm (Fri), 9.30-11pm (Sat)
Running Time
Drop in
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