History, History, History

History History History

Deborah Pearson

October 23rd, 1956, a revolution started in Hungary. Hungarians fought Soviet troops on the streets, from their homes, and from the Corvin Cinema, the Revolutionary Headquarters.

Deborah Pearson loosely “translates” the entirety of the Hungarian film that was meant to be premiered at that cinema on that day. A 1956 Hungarian Football comedy gives way to the stories of a writer who lost his name, an actor who lost his voice, and a country that lost its revolution.

History History History is a House on Fire research and development commission with Theatre Garonne (Toulouse) and Bit Teatergarasjen (Bergen). It was developed in part at the National Theatre Studio with dramaturgy by Daniel Kitson and Tania El Khoury.

Deborah Pearson returns to Mayfest following 2014’s hit The Future Show.

An absolute joy.

The Scotsman, on a work-in-progress sharing of History History History

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