Sabrina Shirazi


Choral Cuisine is a sonorous dining experience in a coffee roastery. This two-course meal is an opportunity to create a composition while you dine. You might find a flute in your fork, percussion on your plate, or a choir in your cup. By combining tableware and technology, you and your fellow diners will translate the act of eating into a symphony of sound.

Choral Cuisine has been created by Sabrina Shirazi with composer Wilf Petherbridge and creative technologists Luke Saxton and Joseph Horton.

Sabrina Shirazi is an artist and resident of Pervasive Media Studio. Sabrina produces participatory food events and visual art inspired by colour, unconventional behaviour and play.  

Wilf Petherbridge is a musician and composer with a background in the visual arts, theatre and choreography. Joseph Horton and Luke Saxton are electronic musicians and software developers whose interests include sound design, computational art and audio/visual installations. They are also residents of Pervasive Media Studio. 

Allergy Information: A vegetarian set-menu containing nuts, gluten and dairy.

Very limited capacity. Booking essential.

Venue address: Extract Coffee Roasters, Unit 1, Gatton Road, Bristol, BS2 9SH

Image credit: Exeter City Council

Image: Exeter City Council