Door Into The Dark is an immersive experience that explores what it means to be lost in an age of infinite information. Blindfolded, shoeless and alone, you feel your way into the dark along a winding length of rope. This pathway leads into a vivid aural world of real people who have been profoundly lost, and irreversibly changed. Your encounter with these characters takes you deep into their world of sensation, risk and illusion.To find your way back out into the light, you must surrender to the unknown. Bringing together captivating documentary stories and visceral physical experience,

Door Into The Dark won the Tribeca Film Festival Storyscapes award in 2015, was selected for Columbia University’s Digital Dozen breakthroughs in digital storytelling and sold out the month-long run at the 2017 STRP biennale in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Developed right here in Bristol at Watershed but never staged in the city,

Door Into the Dark is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you really don’t want to miss.

Anagram are an award-winning company specialising in digital and documentary storytelling. Their work typically combines expertly crafted experiential storytelling that blends fiction and documentary, rigorous and painstaking research, and an ingenious approach to integrating recently possible technologies into the heart of an experience.

Door Into The Dark will be on sale soon.

“Ambitious, simple and profound, this work marks a fresh and promising direction for the field of immersive theatre. It evoked a euphoria that stayed with us long after we left it. ”

Tribeca Storyscapes Jury: Shari Frilot, Andrew Golis and Charlie Phillips.

“Door Into The Dark is incredible. Really blew my mind. Kind of experience where the world feels different afterwards.”

Ingrid Kopp, ex-director of Tribeca Film Institute Interactive.

Image: Will Brady