Produced by Qu Junktions in collaboration with The Cube for Mayfest


A fun...k show dedicated to dabbling, living for it and loved up music making. Cult San Francisco music maker Doug Hream Blunt flies in to collaborate with a wonderful group of Cube musicians to create a live show for your enjoyment. "Fall into a groove and then move." 

The private press album My Name is Doug Hream Blunt is an 80s outsider classic, reissued by David Byrne's Luaka Bop, sampled by those with computers and loved up by many. "Love is in the heart, that's the way to start." 

His name is Doug Hream Blunt and he learnt to play music at the age of 35, by taking an adult class in the late 1980s. The class was organised by a high school music teacher and his wife, and was held in their small garage in the Golden Gate Park neighbourhood of San Francisco. The other students of the class became Doug’s band members, they played the City Visions Public Access television show.
Their names are many, and they all worked or hung out at The Cube Microplex. Some may have been paid a few quid for music shows but most would say they are amateurs and in it for the love of it. Bassists, singers, strummers, make-up artists, dressers and funky twigs all feature in the 'Workforce'. 

Doug's in town for Mayfest, dig it.

Support from Bristol-based duo Autobitch. 

“There’s the spirit of the Troggs, the Shaggs, and Half Japanese to the grooves, something unlearned yet impossible to replicate.”


“Finally, an audience for funk’s frazzled oddball... a hazy mix of tropical R&B, off-kilter soul and sexed-up 80s fun...k.”

The Guardian

“Blunt doesn’t have social media accounts, or even a computer, so it’s hard for him to gauge his success and popularity as an artist. He can’t log on to the Facebook page Luaka Bop created for him and read fans’ glowing reviews of his music — which has been called 'phenomenal', 'amazing', and 'epic' — and he doesn’t know that one reviewer on Amazon described him as 'an accidental hero'.”

SF Weekly

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