Hannah Sullivan



"We only see what we look at. To look is an act of choice." John Berger, Ways of Seeing.

In this one-to-one participatory performance, Hannah invites you to join her in the simple and deliberate act of looking and noticing through drawing. Drawing does many things. It records but it also asks us to pay attention. Using a simple drawing exercise that requires no previous drawing experience, or particular skills or techniques, you and Hannah will sit and draw one another. 

Draw to Look offers 15 minutes of quiet observation, focussing on the live moment and its effect on the relationship of drawer to drawn. The resulting marks become maps of your looking, a record of your brief time together.

Hannah Sullivan is a performance maker currently making solo works that reframe and democratise creative practices by prioritising the emotional experience. Previous works include Echo Beach and With Force and Noise. Hannah is a graduate of Dartington College of Arts and University of Bristol, and a former member of Bristol-based collective Interval.

“Sullivan’s piece is infinitely delicate. It is a snatched moment, a secret shared between you for 15 minutes. It offers an opportunity to examine, and to focus on nothing but this little bubble of calm.”


Dramaturgy by Alice Tatton Brown

Outside eye by Jo Bannon

Design advisory from Alexander Stevenson

Desk built by Sean Clark

Produced by Katherine Hall

Performed with Joanna Young

Image by Paul Samuel White

Draw To Look was developed for Drawn 2017 at the Royal West of England Academy and made with the support of Arts Council England. With Thanks to Loft 6D, Interval, Cove Park, MAYK and the writings of John Berger and Tania Kovats.