The Eradication of Schizophrenia in Western Lapland is a dual family drama about recovery from schizophrenia. It simultaneously stages the first psychotic episodes of a mother and son as they navigate stress and change with fantastical results involving Finnish Folk, Margaret Drabble, Adolf Hitler and the knitted cover for a toilet roll. 

Their two interconnected stories are performed to separate but adjoining auditoria in the same theatre space, audible but unseen to each other. At half time they switch seats and the action is replayed, mapping a pathway to recovery through dialogical understanding of their situation.

Ridiculusmus has been producing seriously funny theatre for over 20 years. The company is led by co-artistic directors David Woods and Jon Haynes, who write, direct and perform. Ridiculusmus’origins are in the shadowlands of theatre and comedy, beginning as a rabble of graduates from the Poor School in London, adapting comic novels for the London fringe, and evolving over the last quarter century into a robust double act. 

Driving and leading as author-actors, David and Jon have established Ridiculusmus as a flagship UK theatre company touring nationally and internationally with works passionately wrought from minimal resources, and with an oxymoronic aim: to be both serious and funny. Past productions include: The Third Policeman, At Swim-Two-Birds, The Exhibitionists, a two-hander version of The Importance of Being Earnest,Yes,Yes,Yes and Say Nothing.

Ridiculusmus Trilogy

You can also catch Give Me Your Love and Complicated Grief as part of the Ridiculusmus Trilogy at Mayfest 2018.

Sat 19 May 
5.30pm-7pm, Tobacco Factory Theatres
Stresses distresses and disorders – A panel talk reflecting on the provocations of Ridiculusmus’s three plays on contemporary mental health issues and approaches, with representatives from the health and pharmaceutical sector.

“It is an open door to understanding, which is the first step to removing the stigma around the condition. This is Ridiculusmus’s stated aim, and they are very successful”

Everything Theatre

“The latest transmission from Ridiculusmus is in, and it’s as tense and audacious as it is vital. Extremely funny and often heartbreaking... both seriously thought provoking and seriously funny theatre, it sees Ridiculusmus (remaining) at the very top of their game”


“There’s something electrifying, yet oddly reassuring about this experience. A startling piece of work that challenges how you listen and fathom what you hear”

The Guardian