The Nature of Why – The British Paraorchestra
Choral Cuisine – Sabrina Shirazi
Draw To Look – Hannah Sullivan
Now Is the Time to Say Nothing – Caroline Williams and Reem Karssli
Contact Gonzo vs Bristol – Contact Gonzo
How (not) to Live in Suburbia – Annie Siddons
Snigel & Friends – Caroline Bowditch and Company
Drag Queen Story Time – Alyssa Van Delle
The Killers – Richard Allen
Town Choir – Theatre Replacement
Undersong – Verity Standen
Doug Hream Blunt & The Cube Workforce (with Qu Junktions)
Bravado – Scottee
Give Me Your Love – Ridiculusmus
Complicated Grief – Ridiculusmus
The Eradication of Schizophrenia in Western Lapland – Ridiculusmus
Palmyra – Bertrand Lesca and Nasi Voutsas
Let’s Not Beat Each Other to Death – The Accidental Mechanics Group
Velvet Petal – Scottish Dance Theatre
Old Stock: A Refugee Love Story – 2b theatre company
We Are Lightning! – Sam Halmarack & Joseph O’Farrell
Live Before You Die – Byron Vincent and Dave McGinn


Blind Cinema – Britt Hatzius
Comeback Special – Greg Wohead
The Castle Builder – Vic Llewellyn & Kid Carpet
Chekhov’s First Play – Dead Centre
salt. – Selina Thompson
Paradise Lost – Lost Dog
Paraskevidekatriaphobia – In the Dark & Mayfest Radio
Circadial – Sleepdogs
Castle Rock – Massive Owl
O No! – Jamie Wood
Idiot-Syncrasy – Igor and Moreno
Dollywould – Sh!t Theatre
Word – Jamal Harewood
Fake it ‘til you Make it – Bryony Kimmings & Tim Grayburn
The Complete Deaths – Spymonkey & Tim Crouch
Portraits in Motion – Aurora Nova presents Volker Gerling
Wilting in Reverse – Stuart Bowden
Symphony – Verity Standen
Da-Da-Darling – Impermanence Dance Theatre
Can I start again please – Sue MacLaine Company
This is not a magic show – Vincent Gambini
History History History – Deborah Pearson
Of Riders and Running Horses – Still House
Opening Skinner’s Box – Improbable
It Folds – Brokentalkers & Junk Ensemble
Lookout – Andy Field
Fashion Machine – Theatre SKAM
Wrecking Ball – Action Hero
Nautilus – Trygve Wakenshaw


Dead Line –  Jo Bannon
How to Disappear Completely – The Chop
Nightwalk – Tom Bailey and Jez riley French
Afterlife (Woodland) – French & Mottershead
This Last Tempest – Uninvited Guests and Fuel
Before Us – Stuart Bowden
Stand – Chris Goode & Company
Of Riders & Running Horses – Still House
Blackouts: Twilight of the Idols – Dickie Beau
Kid Carpet & The Noisy Neighbours – Out of the egg productions
Birthday – Sam Winston
Salt in the Sugar Jar – Nikesh Shukla
Dance Marathon – bluemouth inc.
Rites – Contact
Political Mother – Hofesh Shechter Company
A Folded Path – circumstance
Surtitle – Alex Bradley & Bill Leslie with Jon Beedell
What Happens to the Hope at the End of the Evening – Tim Crouch and Andy Smith
Wrecking Ball – Action Hero
The Secret Slowness of Movement – Laura Dannequin
Lippy – Dead Centre
THIS IS HOW WE DIE – Christopher Brett Bailey
Confirmation – Chris Thorpe & Rachel Chavkin
A Place in the Sun – Tom Marshman
Hurtling – Greg Wohead
The Backseat of My Car (and Other Safe Places) – Greg Wohead
Pop-Up Love Party – Zuppa Theatre
Fashion Machine – Theatre SKAM
Nothing – Barrel Organ
The Hours Before We Wake – Tremolo Theatre
Particles – Josh Coates


Ruff – Split Britches
The Money – Kaleider
Rising – Aakash Odedra
The Worst of Scottee – Scottee
Mental – the vacuum cleaner
Dance of the Magnetic Ballerina –  Andrea Miltnerova
Atomkraft – Greg McLaren
Move Over Darling – Tom Marshman
Nightwalk – Tom Bailey and Jez riley French
Slap Talk – Action Hero
Magickow-Poodisko – Qu Junktions
Wuthering Heights – Peter McMaster
Feel About Your Body – New Art Club
The Tiger Lillies Lulu: a Murder Ballad – Opera North, West Yorkshire Playhouse & Warwick Arts Centre
Gym Party – Made in China
The Ted Bundy Project – Greg Wohead
Smashed – Gandini Juggling
Silvia Gallerano in La Merda – Christian Ceresoli
If Destroyed Still True – Molly Naylor and Iain Ross
Landscape II – Melanie Wilson
The Future Show – Deborah Pearson
The Roof – Fuel & Requardt & Rosenberg
Freeze! – Nick Steur
Echo Beach – Hannah Sullivan
Butterfly Man – Caroline Hunt, Nick Hunt and Dan Jones
Ariel – Alice Tatton-Brown
The Assembly of Animals – Tim Spooner
My Son and Heir – Search Party
Constellations – Aracaladanza
I wish I was Lonely – Hannah Jane Walker & Chris Thorpe
Hardy Animal – Laura Dannequin
#Torycore – Chris Thorpe, Steve Lawson, Lucy Ellinson

Mayfest 2013

Beowulf - A Thousand Years of Baggage – Banana Bag & Bodice
Beats – Kieran Hurley
Brand New Ancients – Kate Tempest
Not Until We Are Lost – Ockham’s Razor
Hook, Skip, Repeat – Jeremiah Krage & Heidi Dorschler
Amusements – Sleepwalk Collective
97 Years – Jo Hellier
Turning the Page – Tim Cole
Flâneurs – Jenna Watt
Zilla – Andy Field
Sam Halmarack and The Miserablites – Sam Halmarack
The Great Spavaldos – Silvia Mercuriali & Simon Wilkinson
Total Football – Ridiculusmus
All That is Wrong – Ontroerend Goed, Laïka, Richard Jordan Productions
Goodbye Thailand (Portrait of Eye) – John Moran
Cooking Ghosts – Beady Eye
Still Night - Bristol – Berlin, Nevada
Wild Thing I Love You – Ella Good & Nicki Kent
Praxis Makes Perfect – Neon Neon
The Oh Fuck Moment – Hannah Jane Walker & Chris Thorpe
West – Paper Cinema
Gym Party – Made in China
The Forest & the Field – Chris Goode & Company
Bigmouth – Valentijn Dhaenens
Zero – Clod Ensemble
A Thousand Shards of Glass – Jane Packman Company
The Memory Dealer – Rik Lander
Trash Cuisine – Belarus Free Theatre
Temple Songs – The Beautiful Machine
Gymnast – Bodies in Flight


Magna Mysteria – Mercurial Wrestler
The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart – David Greig & Wils Wilson
Off the Peg – Wardrobe
The Furies – Kindle Theatre
Made in Heaven – Mark Bruce Company
John Moran: The Con Artist – John Moran
Motor Vehicle Sundown – Andy Field
Avon Calling – The Other Way Works
Open House – Chrise Goode & Company
Mass Observation – Theatre Jukebox
Minsk, 2011: A Reply to Kathy Acker – Belarus Free Theatre & Vladimir Shcherban
Autobiographer – Melanie Wilson
Legs 11 – Tom Marshman
Hitch – Kieran Hurley
Crunch – Gary McNair
Exposure – Jo Bannon
Made Up – Molly Naylor and Byron Vincent
Goose Party – Little Bulb Theatre
The Guild of Cheesemakers – Stand+Stare & Emma Callander
The Articulate Hand – Andrew Dawson
7 Day Drunk – Bryony Kimmings
Episode – Frauke Requardt
Garage Band – Richard Allen
Maybe If You Choreograph Me, You Will Feel Better – Tania El Khoury
Small Talk – Probe/Antonia Grove/Wendy Houstoun

Mayfest 2011

Foley – Jo Bannon
Astronaut – Sleepdogs
Flogging a Dead Horse – Gavin Glover & Faulty Optic
Operation Greenfield – Little Bulb Theatre
Tales From a Sea Journey – NIE
The Guild of Cheesemakers – Stand + Stare Collective
Like You Were Before – Deborah Pearson
I Guess If the Stage Exploded… – Sylvia Rimat
The Ice Book – Davy & Kristin McGuire
Prayers – Dora García
‘Nobody’ & ‘Beyond’ – Petrusova & Shacklock
Music Circus – Elektrostatic
Something or Nothing – Guy Dartnell
It’s Like He’s Knocking – Leo Kay
Epic – Foster & Déchery
30 Cecil Street – Dan Canham
Stationary Excess – Made in China
Doris Day Can F**k Off – Greg McLaren
Fortnight – Proto-Type Theater
Ousia – Darren Johnston/Array
The Summer House – Fuel
Sex Idiot – Bryony Kimmings
Sam Halmarack & The Miserablites – Sam Halmarack
Save Me – Search Party
May – Probe
Igor Corvette’s Dirty Little Secret – Igor Corvette & Betty Bruiser
The Invisible Journey – Doug Francisco
The Electric Garden – Rolling Stage


Love and War – The Mark Bruce Company
Carny Village – The Invisible Circus
Forest Fringe Microfest
Internal – Ontroerend Goed
Dream-Work – Bodies In Flight
Dream-Home – Spell #7
Pub Rock – Cartoon de Salvo
John Moran and His Neighbour Soari... in Thailand 
6.0: How Heap and Pebble Took On The World And Won – Dancing Brick
The Festival – Lone Twin Theatre
Everything Must Go (Or The Voluntary Attempt To Overcome Unnecessary Obstacles) – Kristin Fredricksson
Dean Gibbons and the Knowledge of Death (Or The Day After Yesterday) –Inconvenient Truth
Dagger, Fisher, Faero – Orbita
The Last Romance Club (Ever) – Tinned Fingers
Sporadical – Little Bulb Theatre
Five Fat Fish – Jasmine Loveys
Where We Live And What We Live For – Kings of England
We Are Nothing Like Birds – The Master Chaynjis
The Moment I Saw You I Knew I Could Love you – Curious
No Idea – Lisa Hammond and Rachael Spence with Improbable
Famous Last Words – Greg McLaren
The Poof Downstairs – Jon Haynes
Cirque de Légume
Trilogy – Nic Green
Electric Hotel – Fuel with David Rosenberg and Frauke Requardt
Must, The Inside Story – Peggy Shaw and Clod Ensemble
... Falling For You – Sylvia Rimat & kate Ashman
SS Arcadia – Stand and Stare Collective
Triptych – Wattle & Daub Figure Theatre
Keepers – The Plasticine Men 
The Human Computer – Will Adamsdale and Fuel
Who Knows Where? – Edward Rapley
Cutting The Cord – Flying Eye
Stay! + Around The World In A Lunar Day – Stacy Makishi
Everything Falls Apart – New International Encounter
Wondermart – Rotozaza
Kitchen Sink Drama – Once - Arts & Ceremonies


Black Tonic – The Other Way Works
Anima – Tmesis Theatre
John Moran… and his Neighbour Saori – Aurora Nova Productions
Polaris – Adriatic
The Smile Off Your Face – Ontroerend Goed
Hard Hearted Hannah and Other Stories – Cartoon de Salvo
Paperweight – Top of the World
If That’s All There Is – Inspector Sands
The Paper Cinema – Nic Beard
Richard’s Love – Bric a Brac Productions
Sir Gregory’s Hutch – Soap Soup Theatre
To Have and To Honk – The HONK Project
Delta Foxtrot – Orbita
Our Fathers’ Ears – Tinned Fingers
John & Jim – Roustabout
Kellerman – imitating the dog & Pete Brooks
The Adventures of Wound Man and Shirley – Chris Goode
Home of the Wriggler – Stan’s Cafe
Of All the People in All the World – Stan’s Cafe
My World is Empty Without You – Duncan Speakman
The Weepers – Skutr
The Middle Bit – Edward Rapley
H.E.L.P/H.O.P.E – Little Bulb Theatre


SHIFT – Gravity and Levity
My World Is Empty Without You (A Song Across the City) – Duncan Speakman
Space 50: A Theatrical Voyage to Mark Fifty Years of Space Travel – Niki McCretton
A Little Place to Call My Own – Itta Howie
In the Shadow of Picture Frames – Green Eyed Zero
Lost and Found (or the friend we never knew) – Drunken Chorus
The Fooligan – Al Seed
A Western – Action Hero
Druthers – Precarious
Where You Can’t Follow – FairGround Theatre
England – Tim Crouch/News from Nowhere
Hello Sailor (Goodbye Heart) – Tom Marshman and Friends
It is for the Tiger – Sue Palmer
Quartet (for Anna Akhmatova) – Augusto Corrieri
Post Show – Kettle of Fish
Quartet #2 (for Anna Akhmatova) – Augusto Corrieri
Leftovers – Mem Morrison
Love Song Dedication & Fraudulent Behaviour – Rosie Dennis
Tough Time, Nice Time – Ridiculusmus
The Nothing Show – Stewart Wright & Craig Edwards
Lost in the Wind – Lost Spectacles
When You Cry in Space Your Tears Go Everywhere – Tinned Fingers
The Flaw Set – The Special Guests
Keep Going The Rhino! – Search Party
Five in the Morning – Rotozaza
Etiquette – Rotozaza
Astronomy for Insects – BlackSkyWhite


Desires (The Thief is Yourself) – Ivan Marcos
You Don’t Need to Know That… – Gonzo Moose Theatre Company
How to Deal with Very Bad Things – Soap Soup Theatre
Of Halos and Subsun – Peoples in Pieces
The Endurance – Al Seed & Ben Faulks
Particularly in The Heartland – The TEAM
Everything is Mailer Daemon – Tom Wainwright
Hysteria – Inspector Sands & Stamping Ground Theatre
Wish I Was Here – Jackie Kay
Finding My inner Cowboy – Tom Marshman
The Long Walk to the Performance – Search Party
The Flaw Set – The Special Guests
Throat – Company FZ
Between The Basement Stairs – Mark Hankins
Habitat – Brenda Waite and Kyra Norman


The Imposter – Hoipolloi
On/Off – Johnothan Pram
Imogen – Sketty Productions
Life in the Folds – out of Inc
West of Nowhere – Laura Dannequin and Dan Canham
My Head Was a Sledgehammer – Dave Fish Theatre Company
House of Deer – Éva Magyar
The Seat of Memory – Tom Marshman
20,000 Leagues Under the Office – Publick Transport
The Factory – Al Seed
Celebrity Big Mouth Cabaret – Rosemary Dun & Tom Phillips
I Wish I Were A Cat – Miren Theatre Company
Fetch! – Big State Theatre Company
Re:Creation – Circomedia
Take Flight – Matilda Leyser & Ockham’s Razor


OOFF – Rotozaza
The Cure – Dave Fish Theatre Company
Hitting Funny – Volcano Theatre
Untitled (parts 1-34.5) & Slackers Opera – Julian Fox
The Lad Lit Project – Third Angel
This Much I Know (Part One) – The Special Guests
In Pieces – Brenda Waite
Accidentally Waiting to Happen – The Paper Birds
The Grill Chef – Tom Wainwright
OneFourSeven – Dende Collective
The Lucy Show – Lucy Sexton
Small World – Sue Lee & Kosta Andrea Theatre Company


The Fire Starter – Big State Theatre Company
Doublethink – Rotozaza
Exit Napoleon Pursued by Rabbits – Nola Ra/London Mime Theatre
Alice – Fully Beam Visual Theatre
The Rake’s Progress – Oddbodies
See You Swoon – Deer Park
Mandragora - King of India – Tara Arts
One – Tom Wainwright
Who By Fire – Bodies in Flight and Angel Tech
Arcane – Opera Circus
The Chaingang Gang – Cartoon de Salvo
Play Dead – People Show 115
Underneath All the Noise Somebody was Singing – The Special Guests
Gumbo Jumbo – The Gogmamogs


The Nest by Franz Xavier Kroetz – Living Pictures
Joy Society – Dark Horse
Bite Night
Raw Beef – Hoax Productions
Greed – The Clod Ensemble
The Great Big Story Mix-Up 
Vaudeville or Gaudeville – Eradotic Circus/Theatre Company
Company of Angels: The Story of Charlotte Saloman – Horse + Bamboo
Nothing To Declare – Point Blank
Marc Von Henning Night
Que Sera, Sera – Miren Circus Theatre Company
Sixteen Types of Happiness – Big State Theatre
My Arm by Tim Crouch – News By Nowhere
Ideas Men – Ridiculusmus
The Slide Show – People Show 111
Physical Theatre Cabaret – MC Bim Mason
Skate Naked
Drip – Attic People
Hermann's Magic Theatre
Go Home – Taylan Halici