Mayfest 2020 is no longer taking place due to Covid-19. We need your support now more than ever, so sign up to our mailing list, or consider donating, to help us deliver an even more exceptional festival in the future. 

Our Change MAYKERS are a newly formed collective of young people to whom we are handing over the curation of Bristol Old Vic’s Studio. Stepping into the unknown, these intrepid creatives will be curating a bespoke programme of events that rips up the rule book, asks who our ‘cultural spaces’ are really for and lights a spark for new possibilities.     

With line-ups remaining under wraps until the night itself, all you need to do is be there. All Change MAYKERS events are pay what you decide, so bring a fistful of cash to chuck in the bucket at the end of the night. Change MAKERS is kindly supported by Nisbet Trust and is part of an ongoing collaboration with young people which playfully challenges the dynamic of power in cultural leadership and asks who should be making the decisions.