Raquel Meseguer

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Co-presented by MAYK and Arnolfini.

An invitation to pause, to rest, to listen.

A Crash Course in Cloudspotting asks you to partake in the subversive act of lying down, to hear stories of private needs, showing up in public spaces. An ode to invisible disability and acts of bravery we don’t see. Expect a 25min audio visual journey of fragile beauty, that bridges difference.

The piece will start on the hour every hour from 11am–5pm.

Raquel is a UK based dance theatre practitioner. She acknowledges 'crip' as a tool in her artistic process, and 'rest' as a creative impulse. Raquel is the artistic director of Unchartered Collective, a Lost Dog Associate Artist, and a Pervasive Media Studios Resident. Her work is supported by Unlimited and MAYK. 

“I don’t remember the last time I was so affected by a piece of art. You have made me feel so seen and understood and I am intensely grateful for that.”

Audience Member

A venue for Cloudspotting will be announced at the end of March.

Conceived by Raquel Meseguer. Devised in collaboration with Artist & Theatre Designer Sophia Clist, Composer & Sound Artist Jamie McCarthy, Associate Artist Laura Dannequin, Production Manager Jo Kimber, Artist Tom Metcalfe, Sound Designer Mark Webber. Commissioned by Unlimited. Produced by MAYK.