Bertrand Lesca and Nasi Voutsas

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Co-presented by MAYK and Arnolfini.

ONE begins amid the ruins of unresolved conflict. Nasi’s on a ladder. He’s not coming down any time soon. Bert asks the audience to help. Nasi says, “It’s a No from me.” Locked in a deadpan double-act and a divided world, Bert and Nasi are looking for a way to be together. But they get distracted by squabbles, insults, tap-dancing and one-upmanship. Both about the polarisation of contemporary politics and about a toxic relationship that needs fixing, ONE flips between humour and brutality. 

Bert and Nasi said, “ONE is the most open show of the trilogy. For us it’s ended up reflecting the position global politics has found itself in over the past two years. It’s painful, surreal, and full of hope.”

“Two stubborn clowns form a political potboiler ”

The Guardian

“It is often an uncomfortable watch… But it is also very, very funny as it suggests that we find it easier to buy into fantasy rather than really settle our differences and put aside hurt feelings by listening and talking.”

Lyn Gardner for Stagedoor

Commissioned by BAC and Bristol Ferment. Developed with support from the National Theatre Studio.  Bert and Nasi are produced by Farnham Maltings and are Associate Artists of MAYK.