Le Gateau Chocolat

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From the hot hills of the antipodean carnivals via the velvet cobblestones of highland festivals, to the brilliant halls of Bayreuth. International icon of stage and song LE GATEAU CHOCOLAT has been brewing something daring, something delicious, something dark: PANDORA.

There is a box.

You have no idea what it might contain and whether or not you will it to, the only certainty is that it will open.

What mysteries abound? What contaminants, what affliction, what trauma? What might we mortals do with this coil, who are we forced to become?

Through the eyes of PANDORA, an ethereal creature of great cosmic promise, we see ourselves on earth in that middle place where the majestic and the mundane collide, meddling in each other's lives, for better or worse, we wonder how circumstance dictates our evolution. Part song cycle, part theatre - Le Gateau Chocolat interrogates our existential conundrum; when faced with all the curious and cursed facets of life, how might we participate in what we’re expected to become.

Would you go back, when all is said and done? Knowing what you now know? Would you go back to the beginning from where all things grow?

Here plays PANDORA, where deities fear to tread, the ethereal made human, making us author of our ends.

Le Gateau Chocolat is a one-man musical phenomenon, complete with larger-than-life vocal talent. For PANDORA he is joined live on stage by the Manchester Camerata.

Something To Aim For present Gateau Chocolat’s PANDORA. Commissioned by The Lowry for WEEK 53 and the Lawrence Batley Theatre.