Impermanence, Corali, Tom Marshman & Timberlina

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An eco-drag-cabaret-tarot-reading-ritual from Impermanence, Tom Marshman, Timberlina and Corali Dance Company exploring the themes of anxiety, ecology, sexuality, gender, freedom and love through the magic of The Major Arcana tarot cards.

The host performers, Tom Marshman and Timberlina will select audience members for a tarot reading of their past, present and future cards. Their future card is a bespoke, performed cabaret experience, creating a vivid spectacle for the wider audience.

The Major Arcana features performances from Corali Dance Company, Impermanence and host performers. 

Originally devised for Latitude Festival by Impermanence, Tim Redfern and Tom Marshman.

Impermanence is an award winning Bristol-based company, co-directed by Roseanna Anderson & Josh Ben-Tovim, that creates critically acclaimed work for stage and film.

Set up in 1989 Corali is a leader in dance created by artists with a learning disability. Corali explore the relationship between dance and other art-forms and between professional and participatory practice to create their reputable original performance work. 

Tom Marshman has been making work for 21 years in a wide range of mediums including performance, photography, installation, publication and film.

Not your average drag lady, Ms T has created a niche, cooking up irreverent, unconventional and thought provoking entertainments and events across the heritage and creative sectors for over 15 years.


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