Posted on May 16, 2018

A friend of mine loves car journeys. She loves them for the kinds of conversations you can have, when you don’t need to look at one another. She says they are like no other. 

And I wonder if our public design & culture (mostly sitting across from one another at tables), really cultivates the kind of chat that inspires.

I am finding that lying down side by side, looking up at the same (mostly crap) ceiling, is a conversation like no other. There is something about the act of lying down together that relaxes us, grounds us, and humbles us. There’s no posturing and I’m not trying to prove anything: we have both voluntarily lowered our status, and I think that very act, means we prioritise our humanity and our common ground. And in that place I can listen. We leave time and gaps. We can simply be together for a time. 

During the Mayfest residence I am doing a series of horizontal interviews with visiting companies @ the Mayfest Resting Space. I invite you to take to the carpet with a friend or a colleague and try it out. 

If you’re interested in the fruit of these conversations, or in a 20 minute horizontal conversation, in exchange for a cup of coffee, get in touch. 

Blog by Raquel Meseguer of Unchartered Collective.
Visit and lie down in Raquel's Resting Space at our Festival Hub at Arnolfini's Front Room.