Posted on May 15, 2018

When you have a long term condition like chronic pain, you see and move through the city quite differently: I am always on the look out for places to lie down; I pace my activities meticulously so I don’t find myself out of the house for too long; and I am never far from a pit stop, somewhere I know it’s OK to lie down, even if not overly welcome. 

Setting up the Resting Space in the Arnolfini Front Room, has re-drawn the city for me: it has re-mapped the landscape and placed this space at the heart of the city, the pathways to and from it, in stark relief. Because this is a space where I am truly welcome to lie down. Can you imagine that? Can you close your eyes and imagine the city with all the places you like to linger, and then add this cosy corner, where you are free to lie down amidst books and art, and rest? 

It’s transformed how I navigate the city: I’ve been into town more, engaged with the festival more, seen more art, because I know I have this space to fall back on (quite literally). So I am in denial about the end of the festival, and my may of the city reverting to what is was. I know I will miss it terribly. 

Blog by Raquel Meseguer of Unchartered Collective.

Visit and lie down in Raquel's Resting Space at our Festival Hub at Arnolfini's Front Room.