Posted on February 15, 2019

Planning a festival like Mayfest takes a long time. In the two years between each festival, we spend our time travelling, talking, dreaming up ideas, raising money and doing lots of behind-the-scenes work pulling together the next edition of Mayfest. But who is we?

Mayfest is run by MAYK. MAYK's Directors, Kate Yedigaroff and Matthew Austin are the Artistic Directors of Mayfest and we also work with a Managing Producer and an Administration Assistant year round. For the festival, the MAYK team grows to about 12 people who help us in the months leading up to Mayfest.

But we do lots of other things too – working with artists all year round to help them make, present and tour their work. At the moment we're working with Still House (who were in Mayfest 2015 and 2016 with Of Riders and Running Horses), Sleepdogs (who were in Mayfest 2016 with Circadial), Caroline Williams (2018's Now Is the Time To Say Nothing), Jo Bannon (Deadline, 2015) and Sam Halmarack (2018's WE ARE LIGHTNING!).

With all of these artists, we help them grow their ideas from the very tiniest seed into the rich, exciting experiences you see as audiences.

You can read about all of MAYK's projects on the MAYK website here. You can also sign up to our mailing list there too.