Posted on May 04, 2020

This is (not) a party.

We won’t be standing in front of a microphone announcing with joy and pride that the festival starts here. We won’t be raising a glass to the extraordinary community of brave and curious artists gathering here in this brilliant city for the next little while. Because we can’t.

We won’t be queuing at the bar for ‘the last one’ before we head off 'because, I mean, it’s a school night after all', and then staying until the early hours.

We won’t ask you for a lighter for that cheeky cigarette out the front because ‘we gave up last year but sometimes you’ve just got to let your hair down haven’t you’. 

We won’t be really, really going for it to that song, that guilty pleasure, the one we shouldn’t love so much, but... We won’t be doing that.

We won’t meet the person we eventually fall in love with.
We won’t hold our friends.
We won’t sit at the side watching because we prefer it that way.

We will be at home where we need to be.

But on Thursday night we will be dancing. And we think that somehow we might just be able to do that together in a different sort of way. It’s not a new normal, it’s frightening and deeply weird – but shall we attempt to remember and celebrate together in this unusual time?

Let’s call it a house-party. We’ll provide the music. You can play it as loud or soft as you want. You can hide in the other room if you want. Dress up or down.

We will have the volume up. We’ll be thinking about the empty spaces and filling them with memories. And hopes for the future.

And we’ll keep going. If we can. Even though we’re just dancing in the dark.

Until Soon

Kate and Matthew and all at MAYK

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